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  • My Money Robot Submitter review (my first SEO tool review)

    Thanks to you guys, one month ago I purchased Money Robot software, I asked for a review of money robot and you guys recommend me to get the Money Robot software immediately. I did that, I purchase the software and here is my honest review about this wonderful SEO software:

    The software fully simulates the human submission, it is the single software that really simulates the humans for every submission of backlinks/content, you can actually look to the "Process Window" section and you can see everything that software is doing in the background, this is an amazing unique feature, no other SEO software have that. It is using the browser to make the website registrations/submissions, this means that is not using the old socket based method of submissions of information to the websites, the socket based method is old and is considered spam now. The software fully simulates the humans for every submission it makes, even the speed of humans is simulated perfectly, it is like you have 100 people working on SEO for your website simultaneously.

    The software has more high quality websites included that probable all the SEO software combined, and at this moment it supports over 80 blog platforms, and everyone knows that blogs are the best backlinks you can get for ranking a website, the software is also designed to create private networks of blogs, it is the single software on the market that can do that.

    The software includes over 7000 websites, I think no other software has more than 2000-2500 websites already included in the database.

    And it never crashes, I can say that I run it day and night for over one month and it never crashed. I did find one minor bug and I reported to the developers and it was fixed in the next day.

    The support team offers a great support to the clients, I like a lot that they have also Skype support, and they immediately answer all my questions.

    The software is very easy to use, anyone can learn it in 15-20 minutes, this compared with other software apps is almost incredible, I actually spent one month to learn to use other SEO software in the past and then I realize that is not even working good for SEO because they have in the lists only spammed websites.

    I like the way it was designed, with one click on the start button, the software starts, and it will do all the jobs automatically like creation of accounts + verify the e-mails + login in each website + submitting the links/content, all this processed are fully automated, no other software is able to do that.

    They software include an internal article spinner, this article spinner is better than any article spinner that I ever test and I test many !

    The developers make one update to every 1-2 days to the application, this is also something unique, no other SEO software have this.

    About the earnings, I can say that everyone can make good earnings with this software, even if you sell a product / service on your website or you sell advertising, your websites will get on the first page on Google in less than a month and everyone earnings will increase for sure.

    Does my earnings from my websites increased in this first month of using Money Robot Software ?
    YES, my earnings are now 4 times bigger and I'm sure they will continue to rise , I'm using Adsense to all my websites and my earnings have increased by 4 times as already mentioned.

    I hope this is useful to the new people that have no idea about the Money Robot Software. So this was my Money Robot Submitter review guys.

    Cheers guys !.
    Last edited by Liam; 08-30-2013, 10:26 AM.

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    Nice review Liam, I totally agree, it is the best seo tool that you can find, I also use Money Robot and I have very good results, I will make some time to add a couple of things that you missed about the software, I will try to complete your money Robot Review soon.


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      A good review Liam - thank you very much - indeed there are some features that you missed but maybe you didn't use them at their true value - also you have to update it always since MR is now at the version 4.55 - the new incoming updates are incredible.


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        Yes, I have used Money Robot and I am personally giving best feedback to owners of Money Robot directly thus having no doubt that its the best SEO software right now as well as will take over the whole SEO software market soon... There are many exclusive features which I have never seen in any other software

        So my vote too goes to Money Robot without any doubt.


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          I love this tool, this tool help me a lot in rankings, and also helped me to realize that seo is changed, we need links from good page rank websites, I love that it have many high quality websites, it is the best tool also for blog creations, my secret is actually creating of many blogs, and for each blog I add additional backlinks, so my money site gets only blog link and those blog links are actually a private network of blogs, this is the feature of seo, creation of many powerful blogs that will provide one good links to money site.


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            Yes, it is the best strategy for SEO, this software is the best for rankings, and I can say that I test all software that exists it is actually the single one that can create private networks of blogs, and there is one more thing Adrian, you can actually also manage this blog network, this means you can submit more articles periodically in each blog with money robot, try that, and you will see that will help you to increase the rankings even faster. !


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              I'm new on this forum, the tool is amazing, I'm a new user of this tool, as I mention in the other thread that I write-in, the tool is fantastic, my best friend quit his job because of this powerful tool, I hope my ranking will increase a lot, my friend websites are in first position on google now and he makes huge money now, I know that tool is working very well, I'm in the process of learning the best seo techniques, I didn't have too many seo knowledges before. I just wait to get my new list of articles ready (I hired more people on freelancer to get for more unique articles). Cheers friends !
              Last edited by Jake; 11-04-2013, 06:48 PM.


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                I saw the last update from Money Robot - 4.87 - and is amazing - now you can submit content in most all languages, Money Robot Submitter is accepting most of the special characters in the submission and is working smoothly in this moment. Great job of the developers team


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                  Hey very good one liam,
                  I must say Money Robot is an awesome software as i have tested it. Now I am trying to make a living out of it by creating niche websites that can be ranked easily using this money robot software.It's UI is clean and amazing.I tested it on a VPS too.