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  • How to increase website traffic using traffic generator software

    Increase your website organic traffic with the best software for ranking websites on the first page on Google !

    In this post I will show you guys how to increase website traffic in one month or less ! . The search engines organic traffic is the most important traffic that you can get for your website, it is the traffic that makes sales, so it is the most valuable traffic for any website. The organic traffic (search engine traffic) is the traffic that can't be purchased, you can get it from Google Adwords only, but it cost money.

    So here is the secret that will help you to increase website traffic : You need to rank your website on first page on google, but how you do that ? It is the single way to get unlimited free traffic from Google, but it is so hard to do it.

    My secret is actually a traffic generator software, I use a software to increase my websites traffic, I can rank any website in any niche in a short period of time by creating backlinks with "Money Robot Submitter" software (you can find the software on google), this software is amazing, it is actually doing seo automatically for your website.

    Now I give you guys step by step instructions how use this amazing software:

    1. You need to download and install the Money Robot Submitter software (you will find on the google the website) 2. Create a new task of web 2.0 blogs, this will actually create for you automatically many blogs, the blogs are the best backlinks for seo, so they will help a lot in your website rankings.

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    3. Now the software will ask you for one article that will spin it and submit it to the blogs that will create, each blog is created for one reason, to provide page rank and ranking power to your website, every website needs backlinks to get good rankings on Google. Here is how you will fill your information in the software:

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    4. Now you need to start your task, this means that the software will start to build backlinks for your website completely automated.

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    5. Now you have to wait for the task to end, this traffic generator software is the best software for traffic, it will rank your website on first page on google and it will help you get a lot of high quality traffic from search engines.

    I tested all traffic software generators and any other software that increases traffic to a website and I can tell you that this software is the best on the market, it is the single software that will provide you search engine traffic, the rest of the software is actually providing fake and generated traffic, and you know that the fake traffic has no value because it not makes sales and it not clicks on your ads, so the fake traffic is useless in the internet marketing world.

    This software is bringing $100 per day from my Adsense and amazon product websites, I know that is not too much, but for me it is a very important ​daily earning and it is the single earning that I have , I don't have any jobs, all my time is dedicated to increasing my software traffic using this amazing software.
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    Hello Asher, actually Money Robot submitter software is not only a traffic generator software, it is an seo software, yes it create traffic, but it is much more then a simple traffic software it is an ranking software that will build backlinks to your website, it is actually the best software that will help for website rankings, like you said the rest of the traffic generator software, they only creates fake traffic with no value, but this software it create real traffic from search engines, so it is much more then a simple traffic creator software.


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      Very Interesting Thanks for sharing this information. Is there any content duplicacy issue happen when submit artlcle/blog at once in different websites. Because google hates duplicate contents.


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        Originally posted by michel View Post
        Very Interesting Thanks for sharing this information
        Make sure you will spin the article before submitting to multiple blogs or websites, In the picture that I made in the lower left corner you will be able to see that there is a "spin article" link, press there to spin the article before submitting, make sure you do that before start otherwise you will not get unique articles and you will submit duplicates articles and google for sure don't like that and will not index them and your website will not receive the increase in rankings. Greet day Michel


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          Yup .If possible you should create web 2.0s manually by posting atleast 1-2 post per week(of course some plr spun shit or something like that) and then create tier 2 social bookmarks and article submission from some automated softwares like senuke or money robot. Thanks


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            Very nice post asher.A really informative one.As suggested by s3o,nowadays we should make web 2.0s look active with 1-2 articles per may sound foolish but if you don't want to get penalized in future by some fu##ing google animals,you should do this.Creating accounts using softwares is good and saves time but at the same time never forget the web2.0 properties you make and keep posting some articles.The least i would recommend is like 2 posts per month.


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              I'm interested in the traffic software how do I get it if possible ?


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                Originally posted by 1nfamuze View Post
                I'm interested in...
                Although it is not free,there's a trial available.It wont generate traffic automatically,you need to have a good website,it will just make seo easier for you which in turn will give you good traffic.
                You can download the trial of the software which will be for around 7 days and then you can purchase the software for about $67 a month or $497 for a lifetime license.
                You can download the trial by clicking here:


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                  Using Money Robot submitter will not generate directly the traffic - but the traffic will come from the searching engines
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                    Hello Asher, my name is Jonathon. I decided to try this money robot software for the first time, in which I'm on the 7 day free trial for my website. How long does it take to get results? Another question is, what is the Backlink Monitor used for? And how do you use it?


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                      Hello Toni,
                      I can answer to your questions:
                      - using the trial version will bring your results only after the created backlinks are indexed by the searching engines - all depends on your niche - if is a competitive one can be even 20 days, if is a normal/low competition one can happen even in 40 days - because the indexing is made upon the request of the searched keyword.
                      - about the Backlink Monitor you just have to add your backlinks that was created to your target site and verify them if they still exists.


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                        How many time we have to use at day?


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                          I recommend to make 2-3 medium campaign per week, after you are on first page you can decrease to one campaign to every 2 weeks, this is what I do and it works perfectly.