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  • My Personal Tips To Use Money Robot Submitter Effectively

    Hi, Hope you all doing well. I am doing SEO for the past 3 years..I have tested various software's. In past I used senuke but it gradually lost its effectiveness. A couple of months back I came across, Money Robot Submitter. I have tested this software and it always come up to my expectations. I have ranked many of my niche sites with it.

    I have few friends who told me that have low success rate..So, I want to talk about few issues why someone is having low success rate


    Never use public proxies. This is one of the biggest reason why you have low success rate. In my opinion the Best option is usinga VPN


    No captcha solving software is perfect, I have tested both captcha snipper and captcha breaker and both are so bad in solving re Captcha.. Now Most sites are using Re captcha. So, always make sure you are using a dedicated captcha solving service such as death by captcha or any other service.

    No of Threads

    How many threads you want to run depends on your PC Ram and CPU and Internet connection so, if you have low RAM than just run 2 or 3 threads. In My opinion you should have a minimum RAM of 1Gb

    I hope these tips will help you, if you have any other question, you can ask.


    If you use this software wisely trust me you will definitely get the desired results.Why I am so confident? Because This software is using very High Pr Sites. Moreover, Article directories, social networking sites etc are manually moderated so there is no chance these sites will ever spammed to death. The software has so easy interface that even an 10 years old kid can use it. You don't have to be an SEO expert to use this software, just fill article title, article body, few tags your money sites and keywords and PICK one of the TEMPLATES and let it done the magic for you.

    I am not an affiliate. This is the official site so you can download the software

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    Originally posted by seoplan View Post
    Hi, Hope you all doing well. I am doing SEO for the past 3 years..I have tested various software's. In past,I used senuke but it gradually lost its effectiveness.
    You are right , I use now hma vpn software and the success rate is much better than using proxies, this because most of the proxies are dying in 2-3 days and they are not stable, HMA software have a huge list of ips and usually it has good speed (much better then proxies), I can confirm you that I use similar techniques just more threads simultaneously because I have I7 computer with 16 GB of ram and I run much more threads with high success rate. I also build some diagrams that are very useful. The included diagrams are very good, but I wanted something more than that and I create some giants, powerful diagrams, I can say that I rank in most of the niches on first page in 2-3 weeks, and I'm very happy about that.

    About Senuke you are right, I can tell you that I am the owner of 2 lifetime licenses of senuke and I stoped using it 4-5 months ago (when I find out about MR software), I can say about Money Robot that is constantly updated and from the time I purchase my lifetime license I can say that there were 100 updates at least , almost every day new updates with new features, I like a lot this on MR software.

    Cheers seoplan !


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      I have started using this tool a few weeks ago, using private proxies and deathbycaptcha. Used the built in templates but not seen much improvement in serps yet. I only have my main keyword at 10% of anchors.
      It just got a new link indexing feature, maybe that will improve it.
      Please share any of your settings or tips to get this thing working.
      I am just testing out a new template that I made myself, wikis, social book, social net, web 2.0, article direct all pointing to my money site. Except all PR 0 is not included so I only have PR 1 or above pointed to the money site.


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        Originally posted by mooton View Post
        I have started using this tool a few weeks ago, using private proxies and deathbycaptcha. .
        You said this "wikis, social book, social net, web 2.0, article direct all pointing to my money site"

        Never use wikis and social bookmarks pointing to your site, that are links that should exist on tier 3, try to use web 2.0 profiles and web 2.0 blogs, those are the links that will provide you good rankings, the wiki links and social bookmarks are only links that most of people use for tier 3 to help in faster indexing of tier 2.
        Today was launched the Indexing service ! This feature will actually fast indexing of all backlinks, I waited this feature for long time

        About ranking, the software is ranking very well all of my sites, just make sure you use it correctly, in my opinion making wikis links and social bookmarks directly pointed to money site is not a good strategy for sure, better use one of the default diagram of the software, they are working very well, I designed my own diagrams and I can tell you that I used on tier 1 and 2 only blogs and web 2.0 profiles because those are high quality links.

        I also had initial problems with rankings, but I talk with Nick (a person from their support team) and he finds a lot of duplicate content problems into my site, he makes me a list with pages that contained duplicate content and then I replace that content, after 2 weeks my website started to rank on page 1 and 2, now all my sites ranks on the first page! And I made good daily earnings.

        Don't wait, ask help from Nick, he is a nice person and he will check your site and will find any problems immediately.

        Cheers !


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          Money Robot has now the Indexing service feature! , so great, I just stopped my monthly subscription to indexification com site
          I love this software more and more, I just wait for the Article creator feature, that will save us all a lot of time.


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            I talk with Nick (from money robot support) today he gives me access to his computer to take a look to the article creator/generator module, it look so great, he said that it should be available to all users in a couple of days, his team just needs to make some extra verifications and some improvements.


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              waw, I knew that they work to an article creator, I hope it will be ready soon, my yearly subscription of articlebuilder is ending in one month , I paid $297 per year for articlebuilder , Money robot seems to become all in one tool ,I love this a lot, I have purchased most of seo software from the internet and Money Robot is the single one that make many improvements all the time, hope they will not increase the price of lifetime license, I want to get one more lifetime license ASAP


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                I want to provide you some help, I also use to not rank too fast and I was so sad because all my friends were ranked their sites and they made good money and I made no money..
                if your website is not ranking after 2-3 weeks make sure you do this :

                1. Check your website content, I'm almost sure you have duplicate content on your site, remove all duplicate content, you can use the Copyscape website to detect your duplicate content problems.
                2. Make sure you make one or two medium campaigns per week, you need 2 or 3 campaigns to get good rankings
                3. If you edited the default profile from the software, make sure you edit it correctly.

                Those were the main problems that I use to have, the duplicate content problem killed all my rankings, if you have similar problems, make sure you will remove the duplicate content and then you need to wait 2-3 weeks for google to re-index your pages and remove the duplicate content penalization, I think duplicate content penalization is caused by the Panda Alghorithm not Penguin.

                Have a great Ranking


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                  Thanks for Giving Your Tips

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