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  • Seo software reviews (all reviews here)

    Anyone that has any experience with any SEO software please make a review on this thread (your own seo software review), this will help in deciding what is the best seo software from the market. Please post on this thread only if you really have experience with any software and you have fully tested each software. Thanks.

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    Jackson , there are several more reviews on the forum specially Money Robot Submitter reviews , also you can find one more Money Robot Review here, and they are more reviews but I can't find them right now. About seo software reviews, SEO is about high quality links now, so the reason why most of people are talking about MR software is that this software is the single one that really build high quality backlinks, you can rank any of your websites in 3-4 weeks to first page on google, just by using MR software, so this is the reason why there are already more reviews of this great software.


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      My short senuke xcr review , pros and cons , I can say about Senuke that it was the best seo tool that existed for over 3-4 years, however these are the reasons why this software is almost dead :

      1. They never succeed in protecting their application, you can easily find a senuke xcr crack over the internet and use it, this cause them the most failure in my opinion, because most of people take the cracked version and spammed all their websites from their lists, this destroys completely any chances to have any good ranks to your websites using senuke software, all their websites listed in the software are usually dying closely after they are inserted in the lists, so people backlinks will disappear once with the sites death.

      2. The developers seem to never fix so many software bugs, so this is causing to many people to stop paying for senuke, the developers have even created an additional software that will recover the senuke application in case of crashes, and I can say that I get on my old windows vps more than one crash per hour some time, so not really a stable application from my point of view.

      3. The application offered very good rankings for my websites in the past, I can say I had a lot of good earnings in the past because of senuke , I also spend a lot of money on this software (more than $3000) so a lot of money. Too bad that they don't fix their problems with their cracks, in my opinion this is the main reason why senuke will die soon.

      4. The application is using sockets for most of the submissions it makes, this is a very huge problem in those days, this can let a lot of spammy traces behind and users can easily get their websites penalized by google.

      5. They offer slow technical support, it usually takes one week to get a ticket reply, I made only a couple of tickets to support center and all of them they have been answered with huge delays.

      6. Their application is very hard to be learned for beginners, usually it takes 2-4 weeks just to be able to learn to use it , however they have many video tutorials and this helped me a lot.

      7. The application creates a huge database after one month of working and it decrease a lot the system performance, I needed to create a new database every 1-2 months so I lost a lot of time with those database problems.

      8. The speed of the application was good, probably because they are using sockets.

      9. It seems that they stooped to develop the application probable because most of their monthly payed users cancel their subscriptions, they offer only a couple of new website lists added per month.

      10. The application is not only very hard to learn but it is also very hard to use it, it takes a lot of time to set up a campaign.

      This is my Senuke Xcr review, I also used the old senuke X version and sometimes I think that the old version was much more stable that xcr, so this is my review about senuke software.

      Thanks for reading.


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        Nice review, senuke also made for me a lot of money and I'm sorry to see it dying, however read about senuke xcr alternatives here, there are much better options now, all my websites made with senuke were killed by the google spam algorithms, because probable my seo was not really good and also because most of senuke website lists are very spammed.


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          I totally agree with your review, the senuke software is dying only because they were not able to protect their application, you can find anywhere a senuke crack and you can use it for free, this creates a lot of non legit users that used the application and make a lot of spam, most of the time the websites added in senuke were shut down immediately by the webmasters because of the huge number of users of Senuke cracked versions were making huge spam, so all the backlinks to all the legit users were disconnected, so the main reason of death of senuke are the cracking problem. They have never been able to protect their application ! .


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            Who cares about Senuke when Money Robot Submitter software is 10 times better than Senuke ? ​why you guys still bother to create senuke reviews to a software that almost no-one use it ?


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              Thanks Geoofredo for reminding us about Money Robot software, I will make a very short review for Money Robot Submitter.
              The software is the best seo software on the market, it has so many advantages compared with all other SEO software:

              1. The software has support for blog creations, it is the single software on the market that can create a huge number of blogs, we all know that the related blog links are the most important backlinks for seo.

              2. The software can create blog networks, it is the single software for creating blogs, there is no other software that is able to create blog network, I can rank any website in less than a month by creating a big number of related blogs. The software also allows users to manage the blogs, so it is also a software for managing the blogs by allowing users to add additional articles to each blog.

              3. The software is 100% simulating human submissions, it is the single software that allows users to see all the processes that are made in the background, users can easily see everything what the software is doing, they can press on a special button designed to see all this work from the background, this button name is "Process Window", users can see in that window every submission/registration process.

              4. The software generates unlimited free e-mails and users don't have to to create e-mails anymore, the software is able to use a unique email for each registration, no other software can do this, so actually for each account created by the software it is used a unique e-mail that will never be used for creating a new account, so this means that the software will never let behind any traces.

              5. The software is doing all the processes automatically and the user will only need to press on the start button, so all the account creation process + e-mail verification process + login to account + submitting content/links , all those processes are made automatically, there is not other seo software that can do this.

              6. The support team is very experienced and they offer live chat support directly from their website and they also offer Skype support, not an other SEO software company has ever offered this.

              7. They offer 7 days free trial with no credit card required, this is also a huge advantage compared with any other SEO software, no other software offer 7days free trial of the software.

              8. Daily updates to the software application and to the website lists, this is also unique, no other software offer this.

              9. They created the best user interface, very easy to use, and they offer over 100 themes to the software, this is great also.

              10. The application doesn't require any windows frameworks to work, it is running directly to any windows operating system without needing of any update on .Net framework preinstalled.

              This is my seo software reviews for Money Robot, my time doesn't allow me to write you more details about Money Robot Software at this moment, but I will come later with a bigger and better SEO software review dedicated for MR.


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                Nice Money Robot review Atticus !, you have a lot of experience with Money Robot software, probable the best detailed review that I have ever read.


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                  Money Robot tool is the best tool because it provides high quality links, I like to build blogs with it, blogs are really good links for seo, and for each blog I build web 2.0 profiles, and the ranking will be boosted immediately, this is a quality tool , most of the page rank of the blog platforms supported have page rank 5 6 7 +, there is no other tool that can do that, it is really a nice tool for experts and medium seo guys.


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                    I'm a new user of this tool, it look fantastic, my best friend recommend it, he quit his job because of this software, I hope I will do the same in next month's